What is Bleu?

Your twenties aren’t exclusively reserved for making mistakes and self-discovery. Your thirties don’t always mean having it figured out and settling down. Your forties shouldn’t induce fear or warrant a mid-life crisis. Your fifties don’t make you irrelevant. Your age doesn’t define you.

Bleu is a fresh concept and media site focusing on the commonalities of women, young and old, and things so many of us care about. It’s equal parts conversation and inspiration, seeking to provide a therapy-esque break in your day, while delivering a unique editorial shopping experience. Bleu is about vulnerability, the journey and evolution of women, and finding really cool shit. Through this, we strive to uplift with an objective to bridge the age-gap in today’s digital space, while breaking the rules as defined by societal standards. It’s simple, really: Bleu is a space where women can be themselves, speak freely without censorship, breathe a little, and not take things (or themselves) too seriously. Consider yourself off duty.

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