Take Three: Our Editors On The $265 Augustinus Bader Creams

A dive deep into the $265 “miracle” cream in the fancy blue packaging with a cult following. Here are three Bleu editors, in different age brackets, and their tried and true opinions on Augustinus Bader’s product duo The Cream and The Rich Cream. Be sure to read through to the end.

Twenty-something, Contributing Writer, Megan Podwysocki

“I have a confession to make; I really, really didn’t want this one to work for me. At a steep price of $265, there was no way I could reasonably plan to repurchase it as needed should it permanently make its way into my daily routine. Plus, I’ve always been a firm believer that your money is best invested in serums, since they usually are the most potent step of a regimen, thanks to their various active ingredients and their small molecular weight that enables them to penetrate the skin infinitely deeper than a cream or an oil ever could. In other words, what is it that a glorified moisturizer can do that the 10+ serums in my current arsenal can’t? I tried to ignore the hype for a while, but when trusted makeup artists, beauty experts, and friends swore it changed their lives over and over again, I decided enough was enough and that it was about time I found out what the Augustinus Bader phenomenon was really about.

Augustinus Bader is the brand on everyone’s lips and social media, and it has been for a while. This German skincare line born out of the research of Professor Bader came out with two moisturizers whose innovative formula aim to mobilize the body’s own stem cells to repair itself. Aloe Vera, amino acids, and vitamins A, B, C, and E also do their fair share of work by soothing the skin and providing a powerful shield against free-radicals. As a normal-to-combination girl, I turned to the lighter version of the two currently available versions. I’ve used it every single day at least once a day for the past two months and I have to admit, it might in fact be worth the hype. The first thing to note is that it is completely fragrance-free and applies seamlessly, giving the skin an instant dose of hydration and nourishment without being sticky or oily in any way. What sold me on the first application is the way it makes the skin glow without containing any light-reflective particles — rather than shiny, the skin looks healthy and plump. It looks absolutely divine under makeup and I now fully understand why makeup artists love it so much. As for its effectiveness, I can’t say anything about its potency at softening fine lines or age spots — I’m only 24 years old — but I can say it seems to somehow gradually help evening out my skin tone. I don’t have particularly problematic skin, but like everyone, I too have a couple of marks and scars here and there and have been struggling with under-the-skin bumps this summer, which are now either completely gone or far less noticeable. Since this is the only major shift I’ve made in my routine, I can safely assume that it’s the one product I have to thank for that. I also find that if my skin is having a rough day or is reacting to something I’m testing, which happens a lot more often than it should, this quickly soothes the matter and brings my skin back to its former glory in no time.

So, should you absolutely run out and spend half your paycheck on a moisturizer? Of course not. However, should you ever want to invest in a splurge-worthy piece of technology for your beloved skin and are perhaps concerned that highly active products might cause a reaction, then I’d highly suggest you give this one a try. After all, if it managed to make a difference on a generally well-behaved and still somewhat young complexion, I can’t help but wonder how far its potential might stretch on more mature or distressed skins. I’m sold, and there’s no turning back now. Move over, Crème de la Mer – Augustinus Bader is about to take over the (beauty) world.”

Thirty-something (almost 40-something) Editor-In-Chief, James Kicinski-McCoy

“I can’t recall the exact moment that I first saw / heard / was made aware of this fancy cream, but I do remember being instantly intrigued which resulted in an extensive trip down the Augustinus Bader rabbit hole. The praise for the new brand was coming in all directions with overwhelmingly positive hype and words like ‘groundbreaking’ ‘miraculous’, and ‘transforming’ were thrown about in its name. I immediately called in a bottle of The Cream — the brand’s milder version of its duo of products — so I could see for myself.

First thoughts upon arrival: the box it comes in is impressive. It’s luxury packaging at its finest. It literally comes with its own dust bag. Ridiculous or not, I was charmed. I beelined it to the bathroom to cleanse my face and indulge in the Augustinus Bader experience. Being the skincare aficionado that I am, I was weary to ditch my lineup of hardworking products to replace them with a single cream, but I obliged. The Cream was a good consistency, not too thick, not too thin, and it went on smoothly. It felt very hydrating, not overly moisturizing or greasy, just right. I love that it’s unscented. I use it again in the morning and applied makeup afterwards. My foundation went on evenly and looked great throughout the day. I use AB again that night and went to bed with my skin feeling dewy and well taken care of in preparation for the night’s sleep ahead. When I woke the next morning, my skin looked healthy and supple. So far, so good. I continued to use The Cream each morning and night, and ended up adding The Rich Cream (the brand’s, thicker version) into the p.m. mix. I like it. I think the only real difference between The Rich and The Cream is just that — it’s richer. I appreciate a thicker moisturizer at night. I am on my second bottle of The Cream, and am about halfway through The Rich. I have added some of my other products back into my routine, however — I just can’t give them up. In doing so, I noticed that with some serums the Creams settle a bit differently, leaving my skin feeling a little tacky or harder to sink into the skin. Good Genes by Sunday Riley seems to pairs well with it. Perhaps because it is also a cream-based product?

So, here are my closing arguments: I like both creams very much. My skin looks and feels great. Do I think they are miracle workers? I’m not sure, but my skin’s texture is pretty damn flawless on most days, with the exception of a rare hormonal breakout, and it appears plumper than it has been at other times during my skincare journey. I don’t have a ton of wrinkles — I thank good genes for that — so I really can’t report on if it’s tackled lines, but this cream is undoubtedly a good product. It’s especially great for those times when I don’t feel like layering on the skincare, which has been quite often since the launch of Bleu. Perhaps it’s the answer to the lazy man’s (or woman’s) prayers? And, if we’re eliminating several other steps and products, it makes the price tag a little easier to swallow. I’ve been eating up the low-maintenance cleanse and Cream routine and my skin hasn’t fired back at me, yet. There are no plans to throw in the towel. I’d say if you’re on the fence, it’s definitely worthy of a try. Maybe start with the more wallet-friendly travel size?”

Twenty-something (almost 30-something) Contributing Editor, Maegan Hall

“It’s appropriate the first syllable of Augustinus is a long, luxurious ahhh, because everything about this cream says luxe and using it: yes, makes me feel LUXE. Let me back up. I first splurged on this after reading every review, interview, and article I could find (because let’s be real, this is a serious investment) and I’ll be honest, I was skeptical. I wanted to believe, but as a super sensitive, breakout prone gal who has only made pals with my complexion through much trial and error, the last thing I wanted to do was spend a ton of money on a product that would upset this delicate relationship. I’m also normally a tried and true face oil loyalist, ne’er a creamy moisturizer to turn my head or heart. The cool science behind Augustinus Bader and his cutting edge work with burn victims got me, though, so I took the plunge and forked up the $265.

I remember first feeling the smooth, slick, and substantial weight of the double-walled blue container, appreciating the click of the magnetic lid. Yep, LUXE. Following the directions, I didn’t apply any of my special toners, serums or potions after cleansing (which felt strangely neglectful), but I smoothed the oh-so-appropriately dubbed ‘rich cream’ into my skin, whispered ‘ahh, that’s nice’ and crawled into bed, hoping to wake up to that evenly toned, plump, dewy skin of our dreams. Guys! Wowee surprise, dreams came true! I did, in fact, wake up to a face that felt plumped up from happy and adequate moisturization plus super baby soft to the touch and less redness. Could it be?! Was this the wonder cream of miracles?! A few days in: okay, still good, noticed even more evening out of overall tone, which translated to a superb glow (if I do say so myself) that I was thrilled to let shine through makeup-free. I think I even noticed a little plumping of my smile lines?

But here comes the real talk. I hate to say it, but the honeymoon phase did come to an end. About a week into consistent use, it did end up being a little *too* rich for my sensitive skin, evidenced by some congestion and the tell-tale bumps of irritation around my nose and mouth. (This is how my face typically lets me know it’s unhappy with me.) That being said, I do still really enjoy this product and really love having it in my rotation, especially on nights when I just want a quick routine, so I can hit the hay ASAP — this is still perfect for those nights. I just have to be careful not to over-do it. I also love the smaller sizes for traveling, as it’s such a great one-stop shop and especially nice to have for that mid and post flight Sahara situation. So even though we’re not exactly ‘going steady,’ I’m still a fan — and it’s still the only ‘cream’ moisturizer (aka not a facial oil) I’ve repurchased in the last ten years. That’s gotta be saying something, right?”

Written by: The Editors

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  1. amanda

    June 27, 2019 at 12:31 am

    Ok but real talk: if I’m gonna splurge on either this or Vintner’s Daughter serum – which one would you vote for? (I’m aware they are not interchangeable but for me the price tag forces the one or the other question)

    • Tiana Lewis

      June 27, 2019 at 11:15 am

      Truthfully, it’s 100% a personal preference. Funny enough, James and I were talking about your comment and she said that if she were to choose, her vote would go to Augustinus Bader, whereas I wholeheartedly swear by the Vintner’s Daughter and would gladly spend my hard-earned dollars on it. In the end, I think it depends on where the value lies in your day-to-day routine. Does your skin love a serum that takes longer to soak in? Or, would you rather have a night cream that absorbs more quickly? I think depending on what typically gives you the best results — serums or night creams — your decision should be based on that. Because in the end, Vintner’s Daughter is an incredible serum and Augustinus Bader is an amazing night cream. I don’t think you’d be disappointed with either.


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