Take Three: Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Hyaluronic Serum

When we think of “hyaluronic”, the first image that pops into our head is Eva Longoria sounding out the word on national, daytime television. We won’t name the brand, but you know the one. Over the past few years, it would seem that this all-star ingredient should be lining shelves everywhere. But, the truth is, very few people have mastered the coveted, ultra-hydrating superhero we’ve come to know as hyaluronic acid (don’t let the acid part scare you). So, being a big bunch of beauty junkies, of course we had to give it a proper go. And if you know our editors and the Take Three column, you know that when we assess a product, we aim to test the most buzz-worthy ones to either support the claims or prove them wrong. After all, your hard-earned dollars are at stake here. Today, we’re diving headfirst into industry and celebrity favorite Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Hyaluronic Serum. At $300 a bottle, the question was relentless: Does it provide all of the hydration and more to warrant such a steep price tag? Read our editors’ take…

20-something, NYC Contributing Editor, Meghann Stephenson

“I’ve reached this weird place with my skin where I’m happy with it and don’t feel the need to change up my routine or try any new products. This is especially surprising considering I’m getting married in exactly six months. I expected to be poking and prodding and testing up until the day of, but here we are! However, when James asked if I was interested in testing out something from Barbara Sturm, my immediate response was Hyaluronic Serum please! I’ve heard such incredible things about the brand, and this product in particular, that I was dying to give it a real try.

While I’m very happy with all my active products and oils, you can never be too moisturized. The first time I tried the serum, I was surprised by how much my skin needed that extra boost of moisture. It felt quenched and bouncy in all the right ways and layered beautifully under my other serums, oils, and makeup. It also saved my skin during an especially dry flight to Texas and the subsequent 95-degree dry heat there. I was also surprised by how little you need per use, making this very expensive product feel a little less outrageous. My thoughts are if you have a solid routine down and want to give it a boost, but also have a couple spare hundred that you’ll never miss, then this is a great product to include. But, I also don’t feel like it’s a make or break within my routine. I’ll absolutely use up this bottle, but I’m undecided as to whether I’ll repurchase.”

40-something, Editor-In-Chief, James Kicinski-McCoy

“My skin craves moisture (hello 40!), and so I give it as much as I possibly can. I’ve been using a hyaluronic acid regularly for about a year now — the Hyaluronic Supradose by Orlane and the Hyaluronic Acid Ampoules, also by Barbara Sturm — and I love it. So, of course, I was very into adding a serum packed with the good stuff into my already highly hydrating mix for ever more hydration. I’ve been using this product for well over a month now and I have a few thoughts. First, a little goes a long way. The texture is slippery and a couple of drops will completely cover the face. It is in fact hydrating, but I am not convinced that I need to double up on the hyaluronics. I didn’t see much difference in adding it on top of the other products I currently use, however this serum is great alone and I have found using it daily, and then using the my other hyaluronic acids just once a week (usually on Sundays when I really go the extra mile with my skincare) has been working for me, just not sure it’s necessary to go back and forth.

I will say, I do prefer Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Super Anti-Aging Serum to this one, and I think that is because I am already happy with using the Ampoules in my lineup and because my skin is maturing day by day I think this particular serum suits my skin type. In my experience, the Ampoules seem to be more hydrating and pro tip: I get two applications out of each, even though they come in single applications.

So in conclusion, if you’re on the fence and trying to choose a single hyaluronic product, I think it comes down to personal preference. I would add one to your routine for sure (it’s a game changer when it comes to plumping and hydrating dry skin), but for me, I think I’ll stick to the ones I’ve been using above and then put my dollars towards the Dr. Sturm’s Super Anti-Aging Serum because that stuff is pure magic.”

20-something, Senior Managing Editor, Tiana Lewis

“If I’m being honest, this wasn’t my first go-round with Dr. Barbara Sturm. I had the pleasure (and I use the word pleasure intentionally) of trying a few samples from the brand’s line a couple of years ago, and to be completely honest, I fell in love. The Face Cream, the Body Lotion — it’s all good. I didn’t go into my first experience with any preconceived expectations either, as it wasn’t really a brand I had ever heard of prior. So, when the opportunity came to try the Hyaluronic Serum, I knew I had to grab it with both hands. And, just as I suspected, the product did not disappoint, despite the mixed reviews it’s received in the past.

For me personally, when I use Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Hyaluronic Serum, my skin is left feeling supple, bouncy, and honestly? Fresh. I add about a half of a pipette to my palm and rub it in after I’ve cleansed and toned. And, the next day, my skin is noticeably brighter. I know it might sound like a hoax, and I honestly don’t know what voodoo magic the brand is casting over their products, but they WORK. There’s no way around it. There’s no fragrance, so it’s a gentle addition to your routine that I think will do more good for your complexion over time than in one single use.

Would I be able to afford a $300 serum on the reg? Absolutely not. But, if you’re looking to take your routine to the next level and add a little something special for you, plus you’ve got it like that ($$$), I think the line overall is well worth it, the Hyaluronic Serum included. I will forever be a fan of Dr. Barbara Sturm.”

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