Skin Milk: Circumference Founder Jina Kim Shares Her Routine

You’d think that being a “naturally powered” beauty range creator by trade would mean using products compiled strictly of natural ingredients. This is not the case with Circumference Skincare Founder Jina Kim. While she does favor products that lean more green, she is not opposed to, nor does she preach that going au naturel is a must. Jina believes in finding better products and incorporating them slowly until you find the regimen that best works for you. After all, we’re all different and our skincare needs will vary — quite a refreshing stance in a time when opinions on how to do things “the right way” are so strong.

Here the thirty-something spills her Skin Milk, sharing her personal approach towards healthy skin with a good balance of both green and synthetic.

Tell us a bit about your morning routine:  “My mornings can be a bit hectic with a six-month-old baby. I wake up anywhere between 5 a.m. to 6 a.m. and start by nursing Miles. I usually try to take some time in the morning to take a deep breath and do a little yoga or light stretching. Afterwards, I start my skincare routine, then I spend some time playing with Miles as I get the French press going.”

Tell us a bit about your A.M. skincare routine:  “I try to keep my skincare routine relatively light and simple. I’ve often found that layering on too many products or being too fussy with my routine can make my skin react more than help. In the morning, I start off with just a warm water rinse, no soap. Followed by our Circumference Active Botanical Refining Toner. I then layer on our Vital-C Antioxidant Day Serum, which is an absolute must for a light protective layer from the exterior stressors of NYC. I then finish with our Pure Balancing Botanical Face Oil. Between those steps, I usually have new products in development that I like to test or incorporate.”

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Circumference is a natural beauty line. Are there any other products you use that aren’t 100% green?  “We always tell our customers, Circumference is a constant journey and work in progress. We’re still finding and researching new, alternative ingredients and testing new formulas that allow us to be more green or sustainable in many ways. I wouldn’t necessarily say we are an all-natural beauty line, more a “naturally powered” beauty line. We stand firm on the idea that synthetics do play an integral part in helping keep our products safe, stable, and effective, as that is a top priority for us.”

Tell us a bit about your makeup routine: “My makeup routine really depends on my day and mood. My day-to-day routine is fairly simple, but depending on my day, I like to play with different looks from minimal to a more full look.”

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Tell us a bit about your haircare:  “I’ve been trying to take a break from heat styling and over-washing. I’ve been washing my hair every 2-3 days and letting it air dry. Dry shampoo has been a must.”

Tell us a bit about your body / beauty from the inside / wellness: “To be honest, since I had my baby six months ago, I haven’t had as much time to devote to wellness. I’ve been trying to make the effort to get back into it. When I take the time for internal self care, I notice that it really shows in my skin and hair. Since I’m nursing, I’ve been drinking insane amounts of water. I try to drink at least 10 glasses a day. I notice my skin feels much plumper and I break out less when I’m drinking water. Since plain water can be boring, I like to mix in cucumbers, lemons, or even apple cider vinegar.”

Tell us a bit about your P.M. skincare routine:  “I’m a night shower-er. I like to end the day with a hair mask, face mask, and a body scrub. While I’m washing my hair, shaving, and scrubbing down my body, I do a quick 15-minute mask — either our In-Depth Hydration Mask or Green Clay Detox Mask depending on my skin’s need. Afterwards, I swipe on a layer of our Active Botanical Refining Toner. While it’s still moist, I layer on our Pure Balancing Botanical Face Oil. It’s important to layer on products while your skin is still moist, this ensures maximum absorption. Lastly, if my skin needs a little more love, particularly around my eyes, I actually use a light layering of our In-Depth Hydration Face Mask as an eye cream! No need to rinse as we don’t add any harsh additives.”

Biggest beauty secret / advice?  “My biggest advice is to keep things simple and don’t overthink your regimen. I’ve seen people use too many products at once and constantly try or change out their routine. Give your skin a bit of time to adjust to new products and stick to it. Using too many products at once can have an adverse affect as certain ingredients can cancel each other out and irritate your skin.”

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Any advice for those wanting to make the switch to a clean beauty?  “Don’t add the pressure onto yourself to be perfect! Making the switch to clean beauty is difficult and the options aren’t as readily available for some. You don’t have to switch over 100% in a day; you can slowly find better alternatives and switch out your products one by one. Find ways to support and incorporate brands/products that can provide and empower you as a consumer with further knowledge around what makes up their products.”

Favorite Circumference products and why they’re so great?  “My favorite Circumference product is our Vital-C Antioxidant Day Serum. We put a lot of emphasis on texture and layering when we formulated this product. The lightweight texture makes it perfect for layering with other skincare products as well as makeup. Living in NYC, I’m exposed to pollution and skin stressors all day. This serum protects me from damaging free radicals and radiation, while helping with spots and discoloration.”

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