Skin Milk: Kyly Zak Rabin’s Clean & Simple Routine

Kyly Zak Rabin is well versed in all things eye care. She also knows a thing or two about simple, clean, multi-purpose beauty. Today, the 30-something, co-founder of the streamlined eyewear company Zak. spills her Skin Milk sharing her minimal routine in front of the mirror, along with how she takes care of her body both inside and out, how she boosts her immune system, plus a pro-tip on keeping dry eyes at bay. Let’s dive in!

Tell us about your morning routine:  “I’m up around 6 a.m or 7 a.m. and try to get to a Bar Method class or take a long walk around my neighborhood. Once home, I shower, make some tea, scramble up some eggs, and focus on email for a couple of hours. I really value this time working from home, as once I get to the store, I’m often pulled onto the floor to work with customers. At 10 a.m., I head to the store. We open at 11 a.m. every day.”

How long does your morning routine typically take you from start to finish?  “Workout and shower included, we’re clocking in at around two hours.”

Shower in the morning, at night, or both?  “Morning — it helps to wake me up! We inherited a steam shower and it’s an incredible start to the day. I think it’s also improving my immune system.”

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Tell us a bit about your (AM) skincare routine: Cetaphil, Vanicream (light moisturizer), Kiehl’s eye cream, and SkinCeuticals sunscreen. I’m a minimalist when it comes to most things including my product routine. I keep it really simple and clean.”

Tell us a bit about your makeup routine:  “Super minimal like my skin routine. Some under-eye concealer, blush, mascara, lip stain, and out the door.”

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Tell us a bit about your haircare:  “I’m really not precious with my hair. I get a ‘fancy’ cut once a year which feels really self-indulgent and luxurious (I’m deeply intrigued by everyone at the salon). I use Love shampoo and conditioner, brush, and air dry.”

Tell us a bit about your body / beauty from the inside / wellness:  “I have Crohn’s disease, which affects my gut, so I’m really conscious of foods that are tough to digest. It also impacts my immune system, which I keep in-check with weekly acupuncture. I steam my face a lot (just by boiling water on the stove!) and gargling with warm salt water helps to kick early sinus issues.”

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Tell us a bit about your (PM) skincare routine:  “Rinse and repeat the morning routine minus the sunscreen.”

Biggest beauty secret / advice?  “Sunscreen (face and neck) and eye cream every day. These are passed down from my mom.”

Written by: Tiana Gidley

Tiana Gidley is a 20-something Contributing Editor at The Bleu. She binge-watches reality TV on Bravo, throws a mean murder mystery party, and makes her bed every morning.

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