Skin Milk: Lauren Bucquet’s 15-Minute Routine

For anyone that’s ever been curious about what it really takes to get ready — freshly applied makeup, primped hair, the whole nine yards — in fifteen minutes or less, Labucq’s founder and overall leading lady, Lauren Bucquet, could be considered an expert when it comes to a speedy and efficient routine. Her biggest piece of advice? Keeping things simple. Today, the 30-something designer is doing just that — spilling the hypothetical milk on all of her favorite (mostly skincare) products, plus offering a few bite-sized glimpses into what beauty and wellness from the inside out looks like for her. If you, too, are someone that yearns to keep things quick and easy, this is one read that’ll get you out the door on time and looking your best — no fail. But, if you’re hungry for more from Lauren, don’t miss her Off Duty interview where she invites us into her stylish world of shoes, literature, and balancing family and biz.

Tell us about your morning routine:  “I brush my teeth, shower, moisturize, and drink coffee. Most days, I don’t wear makeup unless I have an important meeting where I want to feel a little more put together. Pretty simple!”

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How long does your morning routine typically take you from start to finish?  “15 minutes.”

Shower in the morning, at night, or both?  “Depends, but mostly in the morning.”

Tell us a bit about your (AM) skincare routine:  “It’s just moisturizer, plus a hyaluronic hydrating cream.”

Tell us a bit about your makeup routine:  “When I do wear makeup, it’s usually mascara and my Milk blush stick. And, on the very rare occasion, I will use eyeliner.”

Tell us a bit about your haircare:  “I usually air dry my hair and use a few spritzes of salt spray, then head out the door.”

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Tell us a bit about your body / beauty from the inside / wellness:  “I usually keep it pretty simple. I try to eat healthy, which I think is the most important thing I can do for myself. So long as I’m not putting junk into my body, I will stay relatively healthy.”

Tell us a bit about your (PM) skincare routine:  “I wash my face and once a week I’ll use a face mask. Then, I apply moisturizer before heading to bed.”

Biggest beauty secret / advice?  “Keep it simple!”

Written by: Tiana Gidley

Tiana Gidley is a 20-something Contributing Editor at The Bleu. She binge-watches reality TV on Bravo, throws a mean murder mystery party, and makes her bed every morning.

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