Skin Milk: Reese Blutstein’s Beauty Routine

Although foreign to most of us here at Bleu, there’s something to be said about the minimalistic beauty routine. Let’s discuss the pros: Less cluttered [read clean] bathroom surfaces with only a small rotation of necessities that seem to do a job well-done in under five minutes. Plenty of empty cabinet space for guest towels. Little time getting ready each morning means more time spent getting that beauty rest. And, perhaps the biggest, shining star and championing reason to go towards the lighter side of the product spectrum? More money in the bank account for important things like shoes and rent — skincare is expensive.

Being that our editors range in age and are fairly well-versed in all things beauty, we ask ourselves, “Does being a twenty-something play a key roll in achieving a slimmer product lineup?” Maybe it is. Or, it could be a combination of fortunate genes, great skin, natural beauty, and profound confidence. Whichever rings truer, Reese Blutstein‘s beauty routine is just that — very quick, very simple, and very natural. So much so that the topic of beauty and skincare was the furthest thing from our minds when we interviewed her. But, let’s be honest, we were there for the fashion. Regardless if it appears that Reese has no routine at all (she does), we’re inspired by the mission to preserve her skin at a young age and her less-is-more approach. Just think of all the spare time on her hands — all the more time for clothes.

Tell us a bit about your morning routine:  “It’s very simple. I put on moisturizer in the morning because I have really dry skin. It makes a nice base for the rare days that I wear a little bit of makeup.”

Tell us a bit about your skincare:  “It changes often. I sometimes only use a moisturizer at night, depending on what my skin is doing at the moment. Some nights, I go all out and do an exfoliant and different serums or oils, and then a moisturizer, too. I also have been trying out gua sha, which is the practice of running a stone beauty tool along your face for tightening and circulation. It’s a very relaxing process and I love doing it at night before bed.”

Let’s talk pimples:  “Pimples are a part of life. Most everyone will have at least one in their life, and if you don’t, you’re lucky! Obviously getting a pimple isn’t the most exciting thing in the world and can put a damper on your mood because it’s just annoying, but something I always remind myself is that it is a part of life and it will go away! I don’t feel the need to ever cover them up because I think a covered up pimple looks like a covered up pimple and I might as well just embrace it because sometimes there is nothing you can do to make it go away quickly. Also the less you talk about your break outs, the less people notice. If you don’t bring attention to them, for the most part, no one is even going to notice you have them. The main product that changed my life for pimples is the Sunday Riley UFO Oil. It has helped so much and I almost never have breakouts except for around my period, which I expect and don’t mind. I know everyone’s face is so different, so definitely get a sample bottle before you purchase because it’s expensive!”

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Photos courtesy of Reese Blutstein.
Photos courtesy of Reese Blutstein.

Tell us a bit about your makeup:  “I usually only wear mascara, moisturizer, highlighter, and eyebrow gel — that’s it.”

Tell us a bit about your haircare:  “I don’t really do much to my hair except I will curl it slightly with my hair straightener sometimes.”

Tell us a bit about your body/beauty from the inside/wellness:  “I need to work on this one a lot, but I have been going to hot yoga and I feel like it has really helped me mentally and physically.”

Tell us a bit about your nightly routine:  “It’s super relaxed for the most part. I wash my face, put oil on, moisturize, and that is it! Super simple.”

Biggest beauty secret/advice?  “Only wear mascara on the outer corner of the lashes. This will make your eyes look wider, more open, and awake.”

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