All Eyes On Gifts For Mom

Do you buy your mom a gift on Mother’s Day? The Bleu team is split. Some of us do, some of us don’t. And, while it has so much to do with our individual relationships with our mothers — some strong, some strained — it also has a lot to do with the way a family chooses to celebrate holidays and traditions. Cliché, but true. Don’t get us wrong! We love the mums (flowers, too, but not that kind) and absolutely believe they should be celebrated.

We have a few editors that are mothers themselves, and even though they may not always get to check a box off of their personal wish lists come mid-May, a surprise is always nice. Because Mother’s Day in next Sunday, all eyes are on gifts for mom. We thought it right and true to gather up a few subtle hints (read: we laid it out pretty plain and simple) and did so in categories according to budget. If you do happen to be the gift-giving type, these will put you in “favorite child” territory for sure. If not, squeeze your mothers close (if you’re able), and let them know you love them. After all, they say we only get one, right?

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