All Eyes On The Color Bleu

We may be biased (okay we’re really f*cking biased), but we’re obsessed with the color bleu — and of course we prefer the French spelling, too (so don’t drag us in the comments section for exclusively using that version of the word from here on out, s’il vous plaît). What can we say? Bleu is universal. It’s the color of clear skies and your favorite pair of lived-in denim. It can evoke intense emotion and create visuals for our deepest desires. It’s the essence and soul of our brand.

Before our site was the bona fide, three-week-old media company that it is today, our founder was slinging the bleu hue — whether in her eBay vintage store or sporting her 501s – and that was over a dozen years ago. It’s not a trendy color. It’s forever. Which is why we thought it altogether necessary to dedicate an entire story, early on, to a few choice items (ahem, 53 of them) we’re coveting/loving, one being a podcast dedicated to the oceanic shade. Whether you’re a fan of the color or not, by the end of this slideshow, you’ll be singing Blue Öyster Cult and exclusively ordering raspberry Icees until your bleu in the face. See what we did there?

Case Of The Bleus?

Written by: Tiana Lewis

Tiana Lewis is the 20-something Senior Managing Editor at The Bleu. She binge-watches reality TV on Bravo, throws a mean murder mystery party, and makes her bed every morning.

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