How To Beat A Home Slump

There comes a time when we find ourselves in desperate need of a refresh. Typically in the thick of summer or winter, when the novelty of that particular time of year has all but worn away and all that remains is the scathing desire for the subsequent season to make its entrance (i.e. now). It’s inevitable: the ever-dreaded slump. We’ve all been there, and will be there again and again in our lifetime. When nothing feels inspiring and you’re just about ready to chop all your hair off, move to small commune in rural California, and go by a different name like Camille or something with more artistic flair (oh, just me?). Sometimes it’s the clothes hanging in our closets that we simply cannot bear to look at because they bore us. It could be the day-to-day habits we’ve become a custom to that are in need of an overhaul — more creativity, less screen time.

Other times we find ourselves feeling a little less satisfied within the four walls that we come home to day after day. It’s what we call the home slump. When the space you’ve so carefully crafted starts to feel stale and uninspiring or lackluster. The good news? A slump never lasts forever. And, there are always ways to, like Stella, get your interior groove back. They may seem obvious, but here are a few tried and true, small yet impactful decor upgrades that will make your space feel like it’s yours again. Sometimes a little attention or rethinking can make any slump soar, so read below and make your space the place you love again.

A good shuffle
The best news of all when you find yourself in a home slump is that you don’t, in fact, have to buy a damn thing to climb yourself out of it. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple rearrangement of furniture and belongings to make a space feel fresh, be it a dramatic room overhaul, or only the slight movement of a few favorite things. And while you’re at it, take some time to organize and declutter what’s behind closed doors, on flat surfaces, and in corners. It’s always a good idea to make room for change. Out with the old and in with the new as they say, and with good reason.

High time for a tea towel
You never know how much difference a simple towel can make until you switch it up and change it out. Swap whatever is hanging there now for a bold and new alternative. Try a pop of color or pattern. It’s a treat both you, your kitchen or bathroom, and your houseguests will enjoy.

Ready, set, bedding refresh
Is there anything more wholeheartedly gratifying than sinking your body into crisp and clean bedding at the end of a long, hard day? Did we just make you want to take a nap? What’s even more beautiful is that new comforters, pillows, and sheets are completely customizable and catered toward your comfort needs. Firm, fluffy, filled with down? The options are endless. Try something simple like a new quilt or throw at the foot of your bed, or something more dramatic like an entirely new slumber set. Either way, it’ll breathe new life into that place where you rest your head.

Burn baby, burn
It’s no secret that we love a good candle. Bougie, prices on the low-low, and everything in between, filling your home with fragrances you love is one of the quickest, coziest, and most surefire ways to turn the beat around when feeling down — we’re not poets, we swear.

Hang up those blues
If the home slump is hitting you particularly hard, perhaps considered a new art piece? We love sites like Spacey and Tappan that offer affordable, limited edition prints by emerging artists at a reasonable price. But, if purchasing new, framed artwork isn’t exactly in your budget (we know it can get expensive), think about making your own masterpiece with an oversized canvas and paintbrush, or have some of your personal photographs printed and framed. We’re also big on mirrors. Adding a mirror or two into a room can open up a space like no other.

Plants and flowers, flowers and plants
We understand that this one is a hot take, and that some people prefer not to spend their hard-earned cash on flowers that aren’t meant to last, but bringing living plants and blooms into your home can make all the difference, and make you smile, too. So, #treatyoself #yolo, as the kids say! If you want to take it one step further, pick up a fancy new vase to show off those beautiful buds. You can find a slew of affordable florals at your local grocery store (peep Trader Joe’s, if there’s one in your area) and find recycled vases at your local thrift store.

Book it!
We’ve already talked in excess about our love for coffee table books — it runneth over. And, while we stand by our sentiment that a book can make an incredible present, we also meant to gift to yourself. It only takes one colorful, new addition to your coffee table to inspire you and make a space feel completely new. They’re also just really pretty to look at, and make wonderful distractions if a need to leave a houseguest unattended for a minute or two.

Get thrifty
They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. What’s funny is they actually meant it, imagine that. Thrifting is a cherished past- (and present) time at Bleu. We thrift for just about anything and everything: clothes, furniture, and you guessed it: home decor. Check your local flea market, Goodwill, or other small mom-and-pop shops for trinkets to style the various spaces in your home, and don’t overlook the quieter ones like entryways and nightstands. The Facebook Marketplace is also a great resource to tap, as it’s completely specific to your location.

There’s really no crafty title for “rug”
A rug — big, small, colorful, or jute — can completely transform a space if you let it. If you find yourself feeling stuck, not knowing quite how to move past a mundane space, try placing a brand spankin’ new or new-to-you rug on the floor and reevaluating how you feel. You’d be surprised by the powers that an area rug holds. We’re partial to our Nashville friend and bonafide professional vintage rug slinger, Relic Home, but there is a bounty of floor covering options online, on Etsy, and the like.

Throw pillows, no really… throw them on
You can entirely change the mood, color scheme, and feel of a room by tossing one simple pillow or two. If you already have the inserts, then all you’ll really need are new covers, which is even better (and cheaper!). So, pile them up and make them count. Put them on your sofa, on your bed, or hey! Even that random chair you placed in the corner because you didn’t quite know where else to put it could use a good cushion addition.

I like lamp
This one is pretty self-explanatory, but why not buy, borrow, or move a lamp to bring fresh energy into a space. It will (literally) light up a room, and with all the funky, unique designs that are out there now (and reemerging from the past — we’re looking at you mushroom lamp), your home will undoubtedly feel sacred again just by giving a chic lamp its moment.

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