Your Monthly Rx For Gratitude: December 2019

It’s the final month before we head into a fresh and brand spankin’ new decade. Bleu’s resident astrology lover, Megan Podwysocki, is back again to unveil just how to navigate these last few weeks of 2019 with optimism, grace, and gratitude. Read a general overview below, or search your sign for your personal mantra as we sail through the holiday season and bid farewell to one hell of a year.

December Overview

As we welcome December, it’s finally time to emerge from the depths of Scorpio season as Sagittarius season is finally here to shake things up. This month will feel much, much lighter than the last and than the Capricorn season ahead of us, so it’s time to put our party suit on and celebrate all that we are grateful for. In December, the cosmos invites us to focus on what brings us joy and to make it our top priority. As the optimistic archer and wanderer of the zodiac, Sagittarius is always up for a new adventure and never fail to fearlessly step into the full potential of the unknown. She aims to make the very best of this lifetime, and every lifetime after that, and to experience all that this world has to offer. Sagittarius energy rules expansion and higher thinking, reminding us time and time again that we are all here for a reason. When Sagittarius is in charge, the sky literally is the limit! After all the grief and transformation that Scorpio season brought, Sagittarius energy offers us a second chance to finally live the life we always intended to live. Scorpio led us into deep waters, challenging us to sit with our unresolved emotions and to feel our way through our own darkness, and Sagittarius is the light at the end of the tunnel, cheering us on and encouraging us to trust that the universe has our back and that it gets better, because it truly always does. Sagittarius is also the quintessential teacher and student, a seeker of truth who aims to see the silver lining in every and all experiences, not because she cannot handle pain and loss, but because she understands that there is a lesson to be learned in every hardship, one that may prevent us from repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Whenever we might be tempted to ask ourselves “Why is this happening to me?”, Sagittarius energy will gently suggest we ask instead “What can I learn from this?”. A true visionary, the mythical Centaur always aims its arrow in the right direction and never misses its target, for wherever its arrow lands, it knows that it’s exactly where it was meant to be.

Mercury going direct in the sign of Sagittarius on December 9 will bring about a wave of relief, too, allowing us to review whatever came up during the past couple of weeks and to speak our truth bravely without holding ourselves back, in good Sagittarius fashion. A Full Moon in fleeting Gemini on December 12 will further encourage us to voice our feelings and put behind us what was left unsaid once and for all. Though the energies of this Full Moon won’t be as fiercely opposed as many others, this lunation will nonetheless contrast Gemini’s desire to talk with Sagittarius’ desire to know, challenging us to be mindful about the information we chose to take in and what we chose to share with the world. Ruled by none other than Mercury, the messenger of the gods, the last Full Moon of the year will be our last chance to speak now or forever hold our peace before entering a new year. Hard-working, innovative Capricorn will be taking over on the winter solstice, on December 21, putting us to work and providing us with the productive momentum we need to make the visions we have been dreaming about during Sagittarius season a reality. A powerful New Moon and Solar Eclipse on December 26 will give us the opportunity to set some goals for the long haul, so that we may make the best out of the upcoming year. Remember that Eclipses only speed up time by expediting the inevitable, so whatever happens then was always meant to happen and it is always for the best. Solar Eclipses, in particular, correspond with new beginnings and opportunities, so it will be the perfect time to put everything Sagittarius season has taught us into practice and to welcome abundance with open arms.

Scorpio season taught us how to make peace with what lays deep within, what truly shapes our reality, so that we may let go of what no longer aligns and live a fuller, more authentic life. Jupiter-ruled, expansive Sagittarius picks up Scorpio’s trail and allows us to concretely manifest this inner reality into the outer world. A born manifestor, Sagittarius understands that energy follows thought, and that only true joy and optimism can create the necessary positive vibrations and mindset to attract whatever it is we are trying to call in. This month, then, the cosmos is giving us the tools we need to expand our vision and to take charge of our own narrative. It’s time to trust the universe, but most importantly, it’s about time we trust ourselves. Instead of preparing every cell in our body for the worst possible outcome, Sagittarius energy will give us the courage to expect the very best for once. It wants us to act not from a place of fear, but from a place of love, teaching us how to leave behind the vicious cycles of the past to step into our full potential with an open heart. So, allow yourself to dream bigger dreams this month, for a new decade is upon us and it is entirely up to us to make it the best one yet.


No one knows how to light a fire like you do, dearest Aries, and you will feel perfectly at ease in the midst of Sagittarius’ heated season. As the ultimate entrepreneur of the zodiac, and as this year is slowly but surely coming to an end, it’s time for you to take a step back and assess what you have achieved so far and what you have yet to pursue. What did you learn? What lessons can you pass on to those who will one day walk along that same path? This month, the universe wants you to remember that knowledge is power, and that to get where you want to go, you need to remember where you came from.


You’re not the biggest fan of adventures, sweet Taurus, so brace yourself as this month you will be challenged to take a step out of your emotional comfort zone. It’s time for you to take a brave look at the limiting unconscious patterns that keep showing up in your relationships, preventing you from truly finding peace within your own heart. Be gentle with yourself as you explore what was once hurtful and needs to be released, and allow Sagittarius’ unbreakable faith and positive vision to lead you to your higher truth.


As the ultimate social butterfly of the zodiac, making new friends is like a second nature to you dearest Gemini, but this month the universe wants you to take a closer look at your past romances. What have you learned from previous relationships? How do you show up for your partners, and most importantly, how do you show up for yourself? It’s time for you to ponder on the kind of love you are willing to give, so that you may in turn receive exactly what you want.


You are a true homebody, gentle Cancer, and to be fair no one knows how to make a home safe and inviting better than you do. Your tendency to hide away in your own space is often the reflection of a similarly confined, though secure, emotional pattern. This month, it’s time for you to literally and figuratively get out of your comfort zone. Grab Sagittarius’ strong and confident hand and go on an adventure. Explore new physical and mental horizons and celebrate the magnificent body you were given.


Get ready to thrive and shine your brightest, dearest Leo! The world is your oyster this month with Sagittarius’s fire amplifying your own and its divine energy hitting your fifth house of rulership, you will feel at home and as inspired and powerful as ever. Your only duty this month is to follow your heart and to go after whatever, and whomever, you truly want without holding back. Show the world what it feels like to give in to love.


Your dedication knows no bounds, gentle Virgo, as you pour heart and soul into every single project you undertake. But no one can keep giving and giving some more without ever replenishing their own tank. This month, it’s time for you to hit the brakes and to spend some quality time with yourself. Resist the temptation to hush the voice that urges you to put yourself first for once, and make it your top priority to find joy in the mundane and peace in taking care of no one else but yourself.


You are the fairest judge of them all, sweet Libra, and this month it’s time for you to speak up. You understand better than most what it takes to embrace both darkness and light and you innately sense when something, or someone, is heading down the wrong path. Because you aim to protect your relationships, you tend to carefully back away from conflicting situations, but it is your responsibility to share your wisdom with those who stand by you, so that they may reach a balance of their own. You have a unique voice that the world desperately needs to hear, use it.


As above, so below, dearest Scorpio. While you seemingly thrive in the depths of your emotional world, you can sometimes get ahead of yourself when it comes to getting a grasp on your material affairs and forget that an abundant life is the result of an abundant heart and soul. This month, the universe wants you to take a good, hard look at your values and your relationship to money. Embrace Sagittarius’ truth-seeking nature and ask yourself the hard questions, so that you may overcome the material blocks that keep you from reaching the emotional freedom you seek.


Happy birthday, dearest Sagittarius! The odds are in your favor this month and you will most likely be swimming in a sea of exciting opportunities, creating a surge of positive momentum for yourself as much as for the rest of the zodiac. Beware not to scatter that precious energy and remember to tune into that little voice in your heart that knows exactly where you need to go next. More than anything, however, take the time to celebrate how far you’ve come this year. Share your optimism, your inner strength and your unwavering faith with those who need it most.


It’s always darkest before dawn, brave Capricorn, and the following weeks will challenge you to face whatever has been holding you back so that you may spread your wings and fully step into your power during your upcoming Solar return. So, if you feel like you need some time alone this month, know that you are right on schedule. It’s time for you to sit very still with yourself and to acknowledge your desires without fear or judgement. Shed what needs to be shed and hold space for your truth. The year ahead as so much in store for you that you simply can no longer afford to sweep your needs under the carpet.


You are a free soul, bright Aquarius, not unlike your Sagittarius sibling. Like the rest of the zodiac, however, you are only as powerful as your community, not because you aren’t capable of doing everything you put your mind to all on your own, but because nothing is truly worth doing if it cannot be shared with those you love. This month, then, put your latest project on hold and gather your tribe. Spend some much needed quality time with the people who give meaning to all that you do.


Rejoice, gentle Pisces, for under the Sagittarius Sun you will be blessed with aligned opportunities and chances for new beginnings. If you feel like you have been stuck in a career rut, now is the time to shake things up and go big, not to go home, no matter how scary change can be. Ask yourself where it is you truly want to go and don’t second guess your intuition. Take a leap of faith by trusting that you are being guided, embrace the unknown bravely and don’t look back. It’s about time you became exactly who you were always meant to be.

Written by: Megan Podwysocki

Megan Podwysocki is a 20-something contributing writer at Bleu, living in Switzerland. She likes to play with makeup, studies astrology, and brews her own kombucha.

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