Your Monthly Prescription For Self-Connection: July 2019

At Bleu, we believe that astrology is a tool for self-awareness, introspection, and meditation that allows us to grow into more compassionate beings, to ourselves and others. Astrology is first and foremost a language that traces our connection to the cosmos and highlights the many sources of celestial energy animating us. Rather than predictive, it is descriptive. It unravels our strengths, our weaknesses,  and the possible paths that lay in front of us, so that we can live an empowered life. It helps us make better choices, instead of making them for us. It gently guides us to the very best version of ourselves. Ultimately, astrology offers us a chance to stop and think, to take a breather in a frantic world constantly conditioning us to be faster, if not stronger. It is a way to reconnect to our most inner self, celebrating our individuality and cherishing unconditionally everything that’s already there. These monthly reminders are meant to present you with your own cosmic toolbox, so that you are armed and ready to take on whatever life throws at you, confidently, consciously, and lovingly each and every moment of the present month to live your most phenomenal year yet.


Welcome back, Summer! We’ve been waiting for you. Since good things always come in pairs (or do they?), the Eclipses are also right around the corner, and we’re in for one hell of a ride. Cancer season is in full swing, and this Moon-ruled sign asks us to channel our inner child, trust our heightened intuition, and to tap into our emotions, no matter what they may be. Cancer is a nostalgic fellow, it feels more than it thinks, and after the joyful interactions and intellectual stimulations Gemini season brought last month and the overall hectic air of change that came with spring, the time has come for the crab to go back into its shell, just for a little while.

The beginning of July, then, is all about inner work. With the New Moon and Solar Eclipse that occurred July 2nd and Mercury in retrograde, there will be no point in trying to fight it. Welcome those irrational dreams you’ve been pushing away in fear, nurture those vulnerabilities, and take some time to yourself to simply rest. Stop running, stop rushing; there will always be time for that later. Instead, take a cue from the cosmos and slow down; trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. When the Full Moon in Capricorn and Lunar Eclipse of July 16 hits, all that hard work will prove fruitful, as Capricorn energy will want us to go back into adulting mode, and the sudden and overwhelming fear of failure will tempt us, only to remind us that we know better. Eclipses are as intense as they are beautiful, and although they might feel uncomfortable, they will provide us with the cosmic push we need to leave those limiting beliefs and toxic patterns behind at long last. They are here to remind us that the best way out is always through. As a reward, it is with a clearer vision that we will then move into a playful, lighthearted and celebratory Leo season. Those will be the days of fiery adventures, long summer nights and passionate encounters of all kinds. Leo energy want us to follow our heart unapologetically and thankfully, and Cancer season will have shown us exactly how to do that.


This month will be a game of patience for you, dearest Aries. Spring started with you and look how far you’ve brought us! But, now is the time to take it easy. Set some boundaries with yourself and others, think before you speak, and whatever you do, do it with intention. That hurried stamina of yours would be wasted in gentle Cancer season. Let the workaholic and innovative geniuses in you take a backseat for now; they’ll get a chance to come out to play again sooner than you think.


Your need for stability and your lovable stubbornness sometimes prevent you from letting yourself feel your feelings, Taurus. This month, channel your inner Venus, the Fairy Godmother of your sign, more than ever before. Share your ability to see the beautiful in all things with the world. Be gentle with yourself. You might not always be willing to risk following your heart, but you were born to live through your senses —start there.


After all this partying and socializing, it’s about time for you to take a nap and rest, Gemini. This month will bring a whole other kind of excitement and not necessarily the one you are used to. Allowing your heart to take over your mind for once won’t lead you into a wall; it’ll light that creative fire of yours in ways you didn’t think were possible.


Happy birthday, Cancer! Now is the time to forgive and nurture those mood-swings that can make your head spin sometimes. Self-care should be your highest priority this month and since no one does it better than you, it is your sacred duty to show the rest of the zodiac how it’s done. Embrace those raw emotions in all of their glory. Let your dreams carry you gently and listen to your heart; it knows exactly where it needs to go.


You are a born head-turner, Leo. There’s something so magnetic about you that when you speak, others listen. This month, however, it’s your time to listen — to yourself as much as to others. When they come, don’t let your pride get in the way of your emotions, no matter how much you despise being vulnerable. You are human, too, and loved not despite your weaknesses, but because of them. Be patient, as this is your month, too, and your time to shine as bright as your ruling planet, little old Sun, is almost here. The world will need your fire then.


Let that to-do list go, sweet Virgo. No one can hold a candle to your organization skills and ability to get thing done. It’s about time you give yourself a much-deserved pat on the back and accept that sometimes, the most productive thing to do is to rest. People around you will be emotional, and so will you. Don’t give in to the temptation to overthink it. Trust that your feelings are valid, even when they don’t seem reasonable; love never is.


Your ability to bring harmony and to mediate any and all situations is a gift, Libra, as much as it is your curse. This month, try to accept that no one can please everyone, not even you. Put yourself first for once and base your decisions on what you really want, regardless of the noise around you. Let chaos be chaos, people be people, and trust that no matter the turmoil, the universe will always find its natural balance again, and so will you.


Like your fellow Cancerians, you will thrive this month, Scorpio. Between the many Retrogrades, the Eclipses, and the overall energy of this predominantly moon-ruled season, your perceptive superpowers, forever unmatched, will be tenfold. Use them wisely and remember that not everyone is as comfortable in deep waters as you are. Be the eyes of those who haven’t experienced the true meaning of intensity like you have — show them what they cannot yet see.


A new kind of adventure is coming for you, Sagittarius. In July, you will be diving into your subconscious and your emotions. How do you feel? What do you want? What are you grateful for? Take a breather and give yourself plenty of space to feel your emotions and hear your intuition. There’s no need for you to chase the next adventure endlessly — you are the adventure. But even the wildest, most free-spirited souls need to turn inward every now and then.


Your unflappable sense of responsibility is one of the many reasons why you are loved, Capricorn, but this month is a chance for you to put down your adult hat and rediscover your inner child. You might not remember what carefree innocence feels like, but that little voice that wants you to let go of the control you crave is there for you to hear, begging to lead you down forgotten paths — let it.


No one knows how to move forward and leave the past behind quite like you do, bright Aquarius. The visionary in you wants to run, run, run as fast as you can towards a higher reality most of us cannot even begin to perceive, which often tends to isolate you. But, this month is about changing your focus from the future to the present. Let those uncomfortable, irrational emotions in. Allow those who love you to catch up with you. Let them help you build a better world.


Your empathy knows no bound, Pisces, which is why July will be somewhat of a challenge for your generous heart. For once, the world around you will feel almost as much as you do. Be mindful of whose burden you chose to share and what energies you can afford to absorb. Check in with yourself regularly to make sure that your own cup is well and full, before offering to quench the thirst of others. Most importantly, learn to say no, even to the people you love most. This month, you are your own top priority.

Written by: Megan Podwysocki

Megan Podwysocki is a 20-something contributing writer at Bleu, living in Switzerland. She likes to play with makeup, studies astrology, and brews her own kombucha.

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