Your Monthly Prescription For Balance & Inner Strength: October 2019

Whether you’ve spent a little too much time with extended family or your colleagues at yet another mandatory function (seriously, what gives?) or you’re just itching to hit the reset button this fall, October has made its entrance and with it comes a couple of very important PSAs. First, a fresh round of mantras from Bleu’s very own star-reading devotee, Megan Podwysocki, is yours for the taking. But, perhaps more importantly, the long-awaited “Dating a Libra be Like” sketch from @bennydrama7 has finally dropped, and it is every bit as hilarious and addictive as we thought it’d be. Priorities, people. Ready to get a hint at what October has in store for the entire zodiac? Read below.


Whether you’ve found yourself innocently but compulsively flirting with anyone and everyone you meet, or you’ve felt an urge to spend some quality time with your closest friends and family members, you must have felt it: love is in the air and Libra season has finally arrived. Ruled by Venus, Libra masters relationships and partnerships of all kinds, teaching us that at our very core, we are social beings and that the gift of connection is the most precious one of all. This month, then, will be focused on the reassessment of the relationships in our lives, including the one we have with ourselves.

As the scale of the zodiac, Libra is all about the harmonious merging of opposites, and as such it invites us to reconcile, love, and nurture the dualities that make us unique. Following up on the challenging inner work the past couple of months have put us through, paired with the surge of confidence and embraced individuality Leo season brought and the heavy-duty productive lessons Virgo left us with, Libra season is here to gently guide us to step out of our inner, private circle to meet others. It is no coincidence, that on the day of the fall Equinox, on September 23, the Sun moved out of earthy, detail-oriented Virgo into the air sign of romantic and diplomatic Libra, symbolically mirroring nature’s balancing act between night and day and prefiguring our own.

Libra energy teaches us that because our relationships fundamentally reflect what is going on deep within us, we, too, will have to let darkness and light meet, starting with our masculine and feminine sides. As human beings, we all are a mix of both of these energies that have little to do with gender and everything to do with the way we approach the world. While masculine energy helps us express ourselves and take action, feminine energy allows us to be receptive and to listen to our inner guidance. While welcoming our feminine side can be challenging in the noise of today’s hustle hard mentality, this month the universe will challenge us to observe where our energy needs to be shifted, starting with the supreme masculine planet of Mars entering peace-loving Libra on October 4. This transit will give us a chance to shift our perspective and reconsider exactly how much of our life is ruled by our more masculine features and where we could use a little more compassion and intuition.

Action-oriented Mars, when traveling through Libra, encourages us to practice empathy by taking all sides of the story into consideration before making a decision and by choosing to reconcile rather than to oppose. At the heart of Libra energy and its renowned sense of diplomacy is the understanding that by accepting our own duality, we are able to receive that of others as well. Once an inner wholeness is achieved, manifesting the right partners — romantically or otherwise — becomes second nature. In October, under the bright Libra sun, the cosmos are providing us with the tools we need to strike a balance between looking after our own needs and those of others, encouraging us to bring our truest, fairest, very best version of ourselves to the table so that we may support those we love to the best of our abilities, while also allowing them to do the same in return. A potent Full Moon in independent Aries on October 13 will power us through the challenges we meet along the way by briefly shifting the focus away from others and back onto ourselves to remind us of our inner strength. Together, Libra and Aries energies will allow us to strike a careful balance between respecting our personal, emotional space and preventing our ego from getting in the way of our feelings. Finally, as Scorpio takes over on October 23, it is with a newfound sense of peace and harmony that we will welcome a season of transformation, starting with the New Moon on October 27 that will invite us to release negative patterns, so that a new cycle of life may begin.


You always bring your A-game to the party, dear Aries, and as a true child of Mars you go after what you want fearlessly, whether that is the next big, exciting project you’ve been sketching in your mind or a relationship, but even you can tire every now and then. This month, channel the abundance of Libra energy to get in touch with your gentle, feminine side. Resist the temptation to crowd your calendar and take some time off to take care of yourself. Show up for yourself, so that you may show up for others, too.


You will feel right at home in the midst of this overflowing Venusian energy, sweet Taurus, but this month will have its challenge for you, too. It’s time for you to take a page out of Libra’s book and to allow yourself to reconcile your inner darkness with the light and beautiful energy you are so keen on protecting at all costs. Embrace the raw, the messy, and the imperfect parts of yourself that make you whole and will allow you to forge more meaningful connections than ever before.


Like your Libra sibling you, too, thrive when you get to socialize, Gemini, and new connections are as exciting as they are inspiring to you. But this month, the universe is gently nudging you to pay attention to who you choose to surround yourself with by reminding you that quality will always triumph over quantity. Follow Libra’s lead and set some clear boundaries, so that you may enjoy and explore more thoroughly and wholeheartedly the relationships that truly matter.


Your open heart and sensitive nature allow you to read people’s emotions like an open book, gentle Cancer, which is why you are such a loving and nurturing friend and partner. While you are able to understand someone else’s needs even before they do, the same cannot be said of others who often fail to do the same for you. This month, set some clear intentions about what it is that you truly want from a partner and what you are willing to give in return. Allow others to get an unfiltered glimpse of your emotional world so that they, too, may take care of you.


Your infamous flair for the dramatic and your love of the spotlight are nothing compared to your boundless generosity, brave Leo. Like the Sun, your ruling planet, you sincerely wish you could share some of your life-giving light with everyone that stumbles into your life, but even you have your limits. This month, aim to find that interpersonal soft spot by reassessing which relationships deserve your energy and which ones drain it aimlessly. And most importantly, recognize that you do not need to be needed to be loved.


Balance comes in all forms and though you probably still feel dizzy from the productive high of last month, now is the time to hit the brakes on your work life, dear Virgo. Let that Libra energy you so gracefully introduced last month infuse you with some of its wisdom and give your undivided attention to the parts of your life that need some adjustment. Get cozy in your home, move some furniture around, and treat yourself to something — anything — that brings you joy. Create a safe and grounding space to go home to, so that you may start living a life outside of work.


Happy birthday, dearest Libra! As the romantic socialite of the zodiac, you navigate relationships more gracefully than anyone else. Your truest gift, however, resides in your sense of justice and your innate ability to discern what is right from what is wrong. Gone are the days when you were content to make everyone in the room feel comfortable, now is the time to speak up. Use your diplomatic voice and your gentle but fair demeanor to have the difficult conversations, to ask the hard questions, and to stand up for yourself as much as for those who cannot yet do it for themselves. Show the world what it’s like to lead from a place of love.


You don’t do things halfway, brave Scorpio, especially when it comes to relationships. You are willing to dive in deep and fast without holding back, and to hell with the consequences. Though you are stronger and more resilient than most, your gift of emotional clairvoyance is also your curse, as it often distracts you from your own emotional truth. This month, acknowledge your own needs independently of those who share your life and come to terms with who you are, as an individual, so that you may never lose yourself in a relationship ever again.


Your optimistic nature allows you to always see the best in people, dearest Sagittarius, but everyone has a dark side, even you. This month, it’s time for you to go deeper and to explore the parts of yourself you’ve been ignoring, and you are taking your loved ones along for the ride. Use your fire and your courage to dare to be seen and to see others in return. Use this time of introspection and exploration of others and yourself to deepen your bonds and to celebrate the relationships in your life that matter most.


You don’t like to talk about your feelings, do you, dear Capricorn? You understand that actions go a much longer way than words and that standing by the side of those you love through thick and thin is the truest proof of love you can give them, and you are not wrong. But how can you expect others to love you the way you want them to if you do not meet them halfway by speaking your truth? Allow yourself to share your feelings honestly, even when they are messy and complicated. Love is messy and complicated, but it’s also the greatest adventure of them all and you know better than to be scared.


Though you are said to be the most free-spirited individual of them all, no one understands the value of interpersonal connections more than you do, Aquarius. Everything you do, you do it for the team, may that be your friends, family, or the universe as a whole. Your unique action-oriented, forward nature, however, can prevent you from truly experiencing those relationships in your daily life. This month, take advantage of this Venus-ruled season to embrace your divine feminine energy and allow yourself to spend some quality time with yourself and others, without rushing. There is no time like the present.


Your ability to predict people’s emotional needs and your gift for connecting with them by sharing your own allow you to create deep connections fairly quickly. But this month, you will learn that the relationship that needs your attention more crucially than ever is the one you have with yourself. Though your sorrows allow you to understand and support others, they do not define you. Make peace with your inner darkness, gentle Pisces, so that you may embrace your equally powerful light.

Written by: Megan Podwysocki

Megan Podwysocki is a 20-something contributing writer at Bleu, living in Switzerland. She likes to play with makeup, studies astrology, and brews her own kombucha.

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