All Eyes On The Rainbow

We want to get one thing straight: Pride isn’t a clickbait opportunity that comes around once a year in order to insert oneself into a narrative of equality. Supporting the LGBTQ+ community (and the Latino and the black and all marginalized communities, really) and understanding both the long road traveled, as well as the even longer one ahead should always be at the forefront of dinnertime conversations, classroom desks, marches, rallies, and beyond. Empathy, compassion, and understanding aren’t acts that should be deliberately practiced once a year when it’s convenient. They should be deeply instilled in our bones; carried on our chests like bright, shiny badges that let the world know we don’t stand for anything but.

Today, all eyes are on the rainbow in honor of Pride, and we’re here waving our rainbow flags high in support of the one true goal: equality for all. Take this as your cue to add something colorful to your world, ditch the gapping stares, and sit across the table with someone who’s experience differs vastly from your own. Life is too short and beautiful to carry around the immense weight of hate.

Sport The Rainbow

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