Get In Touch With Your Inner Self: What Your Moon Sign Says About You

While Sun signs get most of the spotlight when astrology is concerned, Moon signs are just as important — if not more so — when it comes to getting a better understanding of what might be going on under the surface. The moon, as opposed to the sun, stands for emotions, instincts, and the realm of the unconscious. While the sun shines its life-giving light consistently each and every day, the moon waxes and wanes, assuming many different forms over the course of a month and shifting its energy daily — not unlike we do. You Moon sign dictates what makes you tick, what remains hidden from everyone but your closest friends and loved ones. It’s the brightest, wildest corner of your individuality, the one that will not be tamed. For this reason, it often gets relayed to the back row in favor of civilized control and conscious actions, instead of being embraced with whatever it makes one crave. Getting comfortable with your Moon sign is key to understanding your emotional personality as it can provide you with tools to unravel your triggers, while hinting at ways to nurture your psyche. So, what does your Moon sign say about you? Follow along…


Moon in Aries know exactly how they feel and aren’t afraid to say it, loud and clear. The influence of masculine Mars — the ruling planet of Aries — can make them intense, impatient, and sometimes (fine, often) short-tempered. They thrive when challenged and seek excitement in all areas of their life. While they are quick to react, they are equally fast at moving on, which makes them fair players unlikely to hold a grudge for long, and which allows them to swiftly pick themselves up whenever hitting a dead end.


Taurean energy is a fundamentally grounding force, which makes Moon in Taurus an extremely stable placement that would lovingly temper fiery Aries, restless Geminis, or energetic Aquarius. When hurt, these hopelessly romantic, but stubborn creatures tend to repress their emotions and isolate themselves to work things out on their own. They need to feel safe and don’t do well with the unexpected. As change is inevitable, planning ahead is the way to go, Taurus. You’ve got this!


Moon in Geminis have a charismatic, playful, and curious nature which makes them a joy to be around and means they thrive when socializing. Fast learners with an incredible capacity for sifting through information, they can get restless and need to be constantly stimulated intellectually. Moon in Geminis can sometimes live in their head and struggle to acknowledge their emotions, which is why it is crucial for this Mercury-lead placement with impressive communication skills to talk their feelings out freely and regularly.


Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, this is a particularly powerful, roller-coaster kind of placement. Just as the moon shifts every couple of days, so do Moon in Cancers who can understandably get somewhat moody. They are incredibly perceptive beings who act instinctively and will shut down immediately if they suspect a betrayal of their trust. When treated with the care they deserve, they are extremely loving and nurturing in return. Your sensitivity is a friend Cancer, not a foe.


Not unlike Moon in Aries, Moon in Leos are born to lead and show their creative gifts to the world, constantly seeking recognition. Their confidence and stamina can be intimidating and their pride often leads to missed opportunities when it comes to opening themselves up to new relationships, as they fear vulnerability above all else. Deep down, these charismatic performers are first and foremost big-hearted creatures who value loyalty and will stop at nothing to show the extent of their love to the lucky few who made it through their emotional walls.


Virgo is the sign of intelligence, logic, and productivity, which leads this placement to stabilize the shifting effects of the moon. Meticulous Moon in Virgos chose the people in their life carefully and won’t open up to just anyone. Their unstoppable perfectionism often makes them emotionally reserved and their tendency to analyze every single detail can distract them from seeing the bigger picture. Service-driven, they find solace whenever they get the chance to use their intellect to its full potential for the greater good.


Moon in Libras share their love of all things beautiful with Moon in Taurus. Their innate strive for balance and harmonious relationships can sometimes lead them to put the needs of others before their own, at the cost of their precious emotional equilibrium. Afraid of conflict and an incorrigible people pleaser, they will always work their hardest to get along with everyone, which can lead them to getting taken advantage of. You are loved, Moon in Libra, not only because you are the glue that keeps your world together, but for who you are.


Moon in Scorpios are very intuitive and extremely gifted at reading people. This is a powerful placement, as secretive Scorpios are naturally intense in all things. Although they feel everything so very deeply, they are skilled at hiding their emotions and use it to their advantage. Creating and maintaining boundaries is the best way to go for those perceptive beings who crave deep connections, yet need privacy. Their taste for drama often gets them into trouble, but when committed, they embrace and love those who get close to them unconditionally.


Optimistic Moon in Sagittarius are natural expanders; their resilience, their thirst for knowledge, and their adaptability compels them to seek the adventure even in the most mundane situations. Easily claustrophobic, they need to protect their freedom and feel safest in open spaces. They aim to live their life to the fullest and always see the best in people. Remember to take some time out for yourself, by yourself, Moon in Sagittarius. No one and nothing is ever going to dim that light of yours.


Moon in Capricorns work the hardest and value consistency. They rarely get their eyes off their goal and their insatiable need for achievement can prevent them from settling down. No one is more productive than a Moon in Capricorn, but this placement means that giving a little more attention to what is going on within is of paramount importance. Acknowledging, accepting and voicing your feelings won’t make you weak, Moon in Capricorn. It will only make the powerhouse that you already are even stronger.


These free-spirited creatures are unstoppable innovators who are always ten steps ahead of the curve. While this leads them to be perfectly at home when fulfilling their professional destinies, their unpredictability rules their emotions as well and can lead their entourage to feel puzzled by their mood swings and envious of their brilliant mind. They thrive around those who can embrace them the way they are — quirks and all — and who won’t project onto them their own insecurities and anxieties. Speak your truth, Aquarius, and don’t let anyone make you doubt your potential.


Deeply empathetic and compassionate Moon in Pisces are highly receptive, sensitive people who quite literally wear their heart on their sleeve. They process the world through their razor-sharp senses rather than their logical mind, which means that although their intuition knows no equal, their emotions can sometimes get the better of them. While their inability to conceal their feelings is a gift in today’s often emotionally highjacked world, tuning into their own needs and filtering whose energy they absorb is a necessary learning curve that will prevent them from getting lost in a sea of feelings.

Written by: Megan Podwysocki

Megan Podwysocki is a 20-something contributing writer at Bleu, living in Switzerland. She likes to play with makeup, studies astrology, and brews her own kombucha.

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