The Zodiac In Love: Channeling Your Inner Venus

News flash: there is a goddess of love and beauty within all of us (yes, you too, gentlemen)! Depending on which sign the planet is assigned to in a given natal chart, someone’s emotional needs, aesthetic taste, and romantic behavior will be slightly different — if not radically so. Although Venus does not solely define who you are as a lover, understanding its position in your natal chart provides you with clues as to what you might be missing or what area of your life or personality could be worth giving a little more attention to. Acknowledging every part of our chart gives us a chance to work with all of our cards in hands. Knowledge is power, after all. Venus is a sensual, benevolent, generous, and creative part of the chart and she should be embraced accordingly. So, what does it mean to have a Venus in Pisces or a Venus in Aries? Follow along…

First of all, if you have no clue what a natal chart is, consider this: a natal chart — also called birth chart — is basically a picture of the sky at the exact time and place of your birth. It’s a cosmic roadmap that sheds some light onto the many nuances of your personality. Most people are familiar with their Sun sign — or star sign — with which we traditionally (but not always) tend to identify. From there, each planet bears a different responsibility and depending on which sign it was in alignment with at the time of your birth, it will influence a specific aspect in your life. Thankfully, there are many resources online that can calculate anyone’s natal chart in a few clicks and for free, if you know your exact birth date, time, and place.

In mythology, the goddess born from the sea is the one who taught the art of seduction to mortal men and women alike, and her power over the heart is nothing if legendary. In astrology, Venus is literally one of the brightest stars in the sky and it rules over love, art, beauty, and pleasure. It governs our capacity to express our affection and defines what makes our life beautiful. This is how people fall in love, how they flirt, how they show their devotion to those who matter most. Where Mars dictates action and individuality, Venus — its polar opposite — celebrates duality and receptivity. Crucially, Venus is about embracing feminine and harmonious energy, and she should not be neglected — nor should her influence be underestimated. Here’s a fun astrological fact: since Venus is the second closest planet to the sun (after Mercury), in your horoscope it will most likely be in your Sun sign or in one of the two signs immediately preceding or following in the zodiac.


No one flirts quite like Venus in Aries. They are as impulsive, hot blooded, and spontaneous as can be expected when Aries are concerned. They like to be challenged and are most likely to make the first move once they’ve set eyes on their prey. The chase is where the fun’s at for Venus in Aries. For this reason, they can sometimes jump into new relationships without giving it a second thought and get bored quickly once they’ve made their conquest. If their impulsiveness is sometimes hard to follow, their childlike behavior in love and their charming enthusiasm are hard to resist. Pacing themselves is the best lesson they will learn overtime. When intellectually and emotionally stimulated, however, Venus in Aries are loyal friends and passionate lovers who feel most complete when in a relationship.


Venus is literally at home in Taurus, since it is one of the two signs ruled by the planet of love. Venus in Taurus people are incredibly sensuous, in every sense of the term. They center on the physical world and are creatures of comfort. They are deeply loving, devoted, and reliable partners and friends who have an eye for beauty. But, Venus in Taurus are also careful in love. They need to feel safe before they can give their love away freely. They are also hopeless romantic, but their stubborn nature makes them unlikely to ever admit it. Although they are extremely patient in love, their struggle with possessiveness asks for just as much patience in return.


Charming Venus in Geminis are in it for the fun. They have a refreshingly lighthearted attitude toward love and relationships, although the other side of the coin shows in their difficulty to commit. Intellectual rapport comes first with Venus in Geminis who love to be entertained as much as they love variety. Their inconsistency and fear of drama often gets them into trouble, but they bounce back quickly and their undying optimism and carefree attitude makes them extremely popular partners in love and in life.


Venus in Cancers are the hearts-and-flowers of the zodiac. They are a romantic and sensitive bunch. They are the thoughtful friends who never forget a birthday and will get their partner’s favorite dessert on the way home from work, just because. Although they are giving and gentle, a break of trust will lead them to retreat back into their shell and there’s no saying whether or not they will come back out to those who have wronged them. Venus in Cancers need security and the reassurance to know they are loved. They are the pursued, rarely the pursuer. No one celebrates love like Venus in Cancers and their sentimentality is a gift.


There’s something incredibly magnetic about Venus in Leos. Their charismatic personality, effortless attitude, and dazzling self-confidence usually gets all of the attention, even if they don’t always intend it that way. All fire, dominant Venus in Leos aren’t afraid of drama and they are as generous and affectionate as they are proud. They won’t be tamed unless they are promised devotion and loyalty, which is only fair since they will give no less in return. These big-hearted leaders are also known for their many creative gifts and will stop at nothing to protect the ones they love.


Venus in Virgos don’t play games, honesty is of paramount importance for them — and so is, sometimes, control. They always think before they act and, not unlike Venus in Taurus, are cautious in love. They tend to hold themselves back by fear of letting an unworthy partner exploit their feelings. Once conquered, however, Venus in Virgos are dedicated partners and friends for life. They are refined, ambitious, and intelligent individuals who genuinely want to make sense of what is happening around them and make the world a better place.


Venus is once again at home in Libra. Venus in Libras are gracious, decadent romantics. They live for a fulfilling romance and their understanding of trust, balance, and diplomacy allow them to master relationships of all kinds. Their harmonious nature makes them easy to befriend and even easier to fall in love with. Venus in Libras are the ones who can socialize with a group of strangers without thinking twice about it and have the power to make everyone in the room feel seen and comfortable. Their complicity with the planet of love makes them particularly sensitive to beauty and luxury, and they usually have an impressive artistic flair.


Tales of all-consuming love affairs were no doubt written about Venus in Scorpios. There’s such a profound intensity to their emotions that there is no middle-ground when it comes to loving them. They master emotional and physical intimacy in a way that makes it simply impossible for them to do anything less. Fiery Venus in Scorpios will lash out if they ever feel trapped, but devotion comes to them like a second nature when they meet those who aren’t afraid of a little heat and are willing to dive into deep waters with them.


Venus in Sagittarius are free spirits — in life, business and most definitely in love. Their insatiable taste for adventure makes them more likely to make friends with people all around the world than to anchor themselves romantically to a single soul, at least for a time. When they do meet someone who makes them stop and stare, however, they take them on a wildly romantic ride. Cheerful Venus in Sagittarius always seem to see the very best in people and to know them is to love them.


Venus in Capricorn might not be the most demonstrative or romantic creatures, but they are some of the most faithful and dependable souls out there and you can bet that whenever they do make a grand gesture, they mean it. Venus in Capricorns are not afraid of commitment, but they need partners who are true to their word as they will run for the hills at the first glimpse of doubt or threat of rejection. They believe that slow and steady wins the race, and more often than not, it does.


Lucky are those who befriend Venus in Aquarius. Their charming eccentricity, their kind nature, their open mind and progressive ideas make them some of the most popular and supporting friends. Their unconventional approach to relationships and their need for freedom makes it difficult for them to settle down in a traditional sense, but those who are willing to run with them will experience the best of what the universe and the human mind have to offer.


Last but most definitely not least, this is considered to be one of the best placements for the planet of love. Venus in Pisces are the empaths, the highly, highly sensitive, borderline psychic lovers of the zodiac. They feel everything so very deeply that they have a habit of choosing the wrong partners, the ones who take more than they can give. Any kind of logic goes out of the window when these gentle souls are concerned; they rely entirely on intuition, for better or worse. Their hyper romantic nature and profound understanding of human emotions makes them powerful artists and visionaries.

Written by: Megan Podwysocki

Megan Podwysocki is a 20-something contributing writer at Bleu, living in Switzerland. She likes to play with makeup, studies astrology, and brews her own kombucha.

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