All Eyes On: All Things Gold

You may have noticed that each week we share some things that we desperately want. Things that have grabbed our attention. Things we just can’t stop thinking about. New releases, old faves, or just really good recommendations, and we nestle them into the snazzy blue outlined rectangles throughout our site’s homepage and category pages. Traditionally, you could call them our “editors’ picks”, but around here they’re generally referred to as “cult favorites” — and that’s where we store them, too. This week’s cull had a particular theme in mind. We’re crushing hard on all things G-O-O-OLD! — (said in our best Goldmember voice). And to show our love for the precious metal, we’ve continued the hunt and gathered the most fabulous finds as a tribute to the metallic tone. This week all eyes are on the gold!

We Love G-O-O-OLD

Written by: The Editors

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