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If you have yet to allow yourself to get lost in Marta Greber’s world of wanderlust, allow us to make a proper introduction. This past June, the 30-something Berlin native packed her family into a small camper to voyage all across the globe. If it sounds like the plot of a Wes Anderson film, that’s because it really does resemble something from a movie. Fueled by her innate desire to make a difference in the world, Marta’s background is in law, but over the years her deep love for breakfast and an insatiable desire to experience all sorts of destinations firsthand propelled her to chronicle her family’s experience online. Alas, What For Breakfast was born. We caught up with Marta on one of her latest stops in a small hut in the mountains of Italy to reveal what’s behind the door of her tiny fridge and what she keeps stacked on her single shelf. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to eat something besides gas station beef jerky and a 32-oz. Big Gulp on the road, Marta breaks down how she keeps things fresh (not to mention delicious and easy) while continuously on the move. Let’s dig in…

What is your food philosophy?  “I like it simple and delicious. Most preferably easy and fast to prepare. I look for the best ingredients I can find, mostly seasonal and local, although I have a tendency to buy strawberries out of season.”

How do you store food when you’re continuously on the go?  “I live in a camper van, so I only have a small fridge. I don’t store a lot of food, as we usually buy it in small amounts from a local market or street vendor and eat it fresh. When we have some leftovers from dinner, I use wax paper to cover a bowl or a plate and place it in a fridge. Due to our lifestyle, the food has to go within the next 24 hours, otherwise it would be wasted. I have glass containers for pollen, chia seeds, or coconut flakes. Otherwise, I usually buy products in their paper cover and keep it just like I bought it (flour or pasta for example). I am not attached to particular brands. In Berlin, I usually buy products at Bio Company, as they have a great selection and I know where it comes from. They use many local producers and farmers, and I love that. For instance, I know where exactly my honey comes from and I’ve met the person that owns the hive.”

What do you always keep on hand?  “Chia seeds, acai powder, honey, flour, milk, eggs, butter, good salt, olive oil, and oats. Every day, we buy fresh fruit and some greens to make a healthy shake. With these ingredients, I can always make something in case we get stuck somewhere.”

Give us a breakdown of your fridge. What’s on the top shelf?  “I have a tiny fridge that is located on a floor, so to look inside, I have to sit on that floor. Sometimes, I cannot find fresh spinach, so I have to buy the bagged kind and it literally takes up one-third of my fridge. For now, we’re traveling through very hot territories, so my whole fridge is covered in fruits and veggies (minus potatoes and onion). We don’t eat a lot of meat and when we do, we eat it straight away, so it doesn’t have to be stored. For sure there is milk, butter, and parmesan in the door department and eggs on the bottom shelf. Otherwise, it’s whatever will fit on the shelves.”

Pantry essentials.
Pantry essentials.

Pantry staples?  “My pantry is a small shelf, and once again this is a very difficult space if you want to store many things. That’s why we only have essentials, things that I know I will use often. I also have cinnamon, which I hardly use, but is something I like a lot. I always have flour, as my kid loves crepes for breakfast. I do have oats, as I like her to have porridge for breakfast, too. I also have all the ingredients possible to make the porridge delicious like nuts, raisins, goji berries, coconut flakes, vanilla sugar, and honey. As we drink many shakes, I have acai powder, pumpkin powder, and spirulina. I also have a small jar of green beans and corn, just in case. Oh, and couscous and pasta, plus green pesto.”

How do you grocery shop on the road, and where do you go?  “We visit local farmers markets and small, local stores. At the moment, we are in Italy and this is very easy. Wherever you go, you get delicious veggies or fruits straight from a garden. You can also buy homemade pasta which is delicious, and fresh seafood. We usually find a place to stop for a night and I check if there is a morning fish market (usually there are veggie stalls next to it, too) and I go for a morning walk. There are no rules, really. Often in the evening, a local farmer drives around and sells everything I need, and I am always happy when I hear them coming (they honk their horn a lot). We also visit a lot of places that specialize in something. Two days ago, we went to Bari, a street famous for local women making pasta on the street, and we got some from them. The next afternoon, we visited a bio-mozzarella production, went on a tour, and then bought far too much cheese.”

Banana pancakes.
Banana pancakes.

Favorite meal of the day?  “My favorite meal is breakfast. I love it and everything that goes with it. I love to prepare my morning coffee when everyone else is still asleep. I step outside (usually around 6 a.m.), admire the beautiful views, enjoy my coffee and think about what I will have (or can make from the ingredients I have) for breakfast. Sometimes I plan something, and when Mia and Tomasz wake up, they say that they want to eat croissants with chocolate, which means that we go to the closest cafe. My favorite breakfast recipe lately is three (easily two if you don’t use agave syrup) ingredient banana pancakes. Everyone here loves them, as they’re easy and fast to make. Plus, you need only three ingredients. Here is the recipe:

Yields two pancakes:
2 bananas
4 eggs
1 Tbsp. agave syrup (optional)

In a bowl smash two bananas with a fork. Add eggs and agave syrup and mix well. I fry mine with butter, because I like the flavor, but you can use any other fat you like, like a coconut oil. Fry on both sides and make the pancakes small, so they are easier to flip.”

Go-to breakfast?  “This acai bowl because it makes me very happy whenever I eat it.”

Easy on-the-go snack?  “Banana! I am pretty boring in this department. We don’t usually eat snacks; we never did. But, we almost always have some nut and dried fruit mix. And, whenever we feel like a small bite, we just make a shake.”

Recipe on rotation?  “Crepes, which almost always save me when in need. You can make them sweet or add mushrooms with veggies, or just ham and cheese. I have a beautiful crepe recipe that I have used for years now.”

Written by: Tiana Gidley

Tiana Gidley is a 20-something Contributing Editor at The Bleu. She binge-watches reality TV on Bravo, throws a mean murder mystery party, and makes her bed every morning.

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