How Do You Feel About Aging?

Getting older is something that inevitably happens to all of us. Of course, with age comes a plethora of experience and wisdom tucked under one’s belt that is an inarguable unique, precious, and priceless gift. However, we are surrounded by the constant youth-centered praise in today’s society, promoting flawless beauty and fixing “imperfections” with countless anti-aging procedures, products, and messaging, thus instilling a very real fear of growing older in many adults — women in particular. It seems that the world doesn’t exactly look at aging in the most positive light, and there’s a repetitive conversation surrounding this “uphill battle” of physical, emotional, and hormonal challenges that lie ahead.

We want to know: what do you think? How do you feel about growing older? Is aging your biggest fear? Do you botox and filler for the sake of maintaining a youthful impression? Do you welcome the train to becoming a real “grown up” and all that comes with it? How do you approach getting older, both physically and mentally? Join the conversation, below.

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  1. Taby

    April 16, 2019 at 3:45 pm

    I am good with aging. Thus far I have had an amazing life with lots of experiences, and my own unique view of the world because of them. I love that I’m at an age (49) that is considered adult but I still feel like a child– it’s like I’m playing an enormous game of hide and seek from culrural perception. That said, I have my moments of doubt. Those days when my wrinkles jump out of the mirror and the gray in my hair is a bit too pronounced. But those are my own insecurities enhanced by an American culture that tells women they are useless after 30. Overall, I embrace aging. There is a freedom in it that changes everything for the better!

  2. Jen Shannon

    April 16, 2019 at 7:52 pm

    I’m having a hard time with the idea of aging lately. I turned 47 in December and my mindset has gone down hill. I work in a marketing firm where some of my leaders are 8 – 10 years younger than myself. I feel that I am constantly trying to be as thin, youthful and fashionable as my much younger coworkers.

    I don’t feel 47 mentally. The years go by so quickly, but I’m still the same 25 year old girl who sews while listening to the latest indie rock band. I have a 12 year old son and my body has definitely changed after having a child, but I’m at a healthy weight and manage to find time to exercise. I have gotten Botox and filler a couple of times. It was very natural and I would do it again.

    My main issue with age is in the workplace. I hear horror stories of 50 year old women being let go, because they are no longer relevant. Many of my friends in their forties work in advertising and feel the same way. I wish there was some sort of movement or awareness for this situation. If anyone knows off anything, let me know!

  3. Nena

    April 19, 2019 at 3:49 pm

    In general, I am cool with aging, because the wisdom that comes with it is so precious. I am not cool with LOOKING older though. Smile and frown lines suck and I have considered Botox although I have yet to make the plunge. I got bangs to hide the frown lines in my forehead, “cheaper than Botox” I like to joke. At the same time, I believe in growing older gracefully- “good clean livin'” as my grandfather used to say. I try to slow the process by eating well, strength training and try to keep moving. I turned 40 this year with no anxiety. The only anxiety I experience when it comes to aging is my fear that my husband will want to trade me in for someone younger and firmer. Granted, I only fear that when I’m having bad days and it is a fear stemming from my own insecurities about myself and our relationship. We’ve been married 20 years but endured some storms. Plus it’s one of those things you hear about so at times it seems inevitable. So yeah, it’s a mixed bag. Aging is inevitable so I say make the best of it. Don’t lie about your age. That contributes to the stigma. Embrace the lessons learned. I think of my grandma and what an awesome person she had become by 83. I want that. I want the people around me to enjoy my company and my grandkids to admire me.


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