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20-something Lauren Kirby has mastered the whole “woke up like this” look. And, although we can always appreciate the gusto of a routine that clocks in at a cool ten minutes or less, we also love the opportunity to peek inside one that’s all about taking time — not can’t-pry-yourself-away-from-the-mirror time, but instead, the kind of time where you opt to enjoy the present, have a slow cup of coffee or tea, and spend an extra beat or two with your loved ones, even if that loved one is yourself. Today, the design director behind menswear (and soon-to-be womenswear) label House of St. Clair, who yesterday invited Bleu into her Austin abode to discuss all things business, books, and thrifting, explains why she ditched her seven-minute routine in favor of one that lasts three hours and includes a workout to curb anxiety, the Jessica Pratt soundtrack, and some much-needed time with her pup and fiancé. If you too are reading this just before your morning commute, might we suggest that today’s Skin Milk serve as the tiniest reminder to slow down and enjoy today.

Tell us a bit about your morning routine:  “I wake up around 6:45 a.m. and immediately let my dog out into our backyard. Then, I splash water on my face and brush my teeth. I make a cup of green tea and put on workout clothes. I’m pretty loyal to Outdoor Voices because they started here, and I love how high-waisted and long their leggings are. Then, we work out for about an hour. When I get home, either [my fiancé] Carson or I take our dog out and then cook breakfast / make coffee. All of this takes place while listening to music. We saw Jessica Pratt recently, and so we’ve been listening to her a lot in the morning. She has a nice wake-up voice. We then take turns showering, and get ready for work. We usually leave our house around 10 a.m.”

How long does your morning routine typically take you from start to finish?  “From start to finish, about three hours. Besides high school, when I wore a uniform and I got my routine down to seven minutes, I really need time in the morning to wake up, have personal time, and get ready before work. It’s really important for my entire day, so I make it a priority.”

Shower in the morning, at night, or both?  “Morning for me!”

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Tell us a bit about your (AM) skincare routine:  “Since I shower in the a.m., I wash my face in the shower with a charcoal bar that I got at the farmer’s market downtown. The guy selling it had really nice skin, so I bought it. When I get out of the shower, I use The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, and then a face oil my friend Candice makes. I don’t think you can get it online yet, but if you’re in Austin she sells it at her shop. It’s seriously so good and it doesn’t have a smell, which I love. It’s one of those oils that you feel working all day long, but it doesn’t make your skin look ‘oily’. She’s got a magic touch.”

Tell us a bit about your makeup routine:  “I’m not great at makeup, so my routine has not changed since college. First and foremost, always sunscreen. I wear La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid Extreme, SPF 60 every single day. For everyday make-up, I wear Glossier Stretch Concealer in ‘medium’, Almay Brow Pencil in ‘brunette’, Glossier Cloud Paint in ‘beam’, Laura Mercier Creme Eye Pencil in ‘warm brown’, and Maybelline Great Lash in Brown Black. And, this is mostly if I am going all out. Usually, it’s just brows and blush.”

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Tell us a bit about your haircare:  “My hair has been a work-in-progress my whole life. I think I finally got it down, although I really need to get it toned. It’s been awhile. Anyway, I use New Wash as my ‘shampoo’ and Leonor Greyl Masque à L’Orchidée Nourishing Mask as my conditioner (it’s technically a deep conditioner, but my hair — again — is that dry). I sometimes brush it in the shower with a wet brush, but usually I just run my fingers through the endless knots. Once every two weeks, I use Olapex No. 3. Since I balayage my hair, it helps keep it healthy in between hair appointments. When I get out of the shower, I wrap my hair in a t-shirt and go about my skin. Then, I use a mixture of a few pumps of High Sun Low Moon and Leonor Greyl Hule de Magnolia. I put that in my hair from root to tip and scrunch my bangs. That’s about it! I never blow dry, always air dry.”

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Tell us a bit about your body / beauty from the inside / wellness:  “I’m a pretty healthy person, I’d say. I try to eat healthy at home, and let myself bend, while traveling or out to dinner — moderation. We try to eat only organic and mostly plant-based at home. We almost never buy dairy, but I still eat fish and meat occasionally. I try to limit that consumption, though, and usually don’t use if I’m cooking. Eating well is really pertinent to my mental state, and the cleaner I eat, the better my anxiety is. I also found working out to be really beneficial for that. For the most part, I try to go as natural and sustainable as possible. I don’t beat myself up, but I try my best to be conscious and conscientious of everything I buy and put into and onto my body.”

Tell us a bit about your (PM) skincare routine:  “I like to do masks, so sometimes I’ll start my nightly routine with a moisturizing mask. I’m watching The Sopranos for the first time (Carson’s second time), so while we’re finishing an episode, I’ll throw on a mask. Then I wash my face, neck, and décolletage with Cetaphil, tone with P50 or witch hazel, put on The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 then The Ordinary Vitamin C. After I let that soak in a little, I put on Protect + Nourish Night Oil. Sometimes, I’ll use the rose quartz Gua Sha that I have, but that’s if I am not feeling lazy, which mostly I am. Next, I use this eye cream I got at a pharmacy in Marrakech. The owner of our riad’s husband worked at a pharmacy, so she took us there one day and he showed me this eye cream that smelled so good. I bought it and I use the tiniest bit because I am so scared to run out. I guess I’ll just have to go back! And lastly, I end with popping a melatonin in my mouth and goodnight.”

Biggest beauty secret / advice?  “My mom always told me to do your skincare routine down to your breasts. So, I try to always do my neck and décolletage, in addition to my face, at night and in the morning. At the very least with washing, toning, and oil. And ALWAYS wear sunscreen. That’s by far the most important. I know everyone says it, but guess what: they’re saying it because it’s true.”

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