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Routines are sacred — morning routines, skincare routines, gym ones, makeup ones. It may sound like there’s an echo in here, but they’re personal, entirely customized to fit your specific needs and whatever walk of life you may currently be sauntering on. Which is why we feel it so imperative to express that the Skin Milk column continues to be a space for all types of women to share their routine and beauty favorites, whatever that may look like. We don’t care if it has two steps or 200. Beauty is about feeling good in your own skin and making the best of the body you’ve been given. We’ll gladly give permanent space on the Internet for that very cause any day of the week.

Speaking of days of the week, it’s Tuesday. Which means we’re back with today’s glossy edition of Skin Milk, and it’s a doozy. One thing Sarah Sophie Flicker knows like the back of her hand is activism. As an organizer and creative director (to name but a few of her many titles), she’s long been praised for her outstanding work battling injustice, oppression, and inequality. And, she’s gladly willing to share those experiences by way of public speaking, her contributions to important causes, websites, and her social media channels. One thing, however, that Sarah doesn’t always share is her secret to skincare and makeup success. The 40-something activist who has surely seen her share of trying situations on the frontlines of justice has incredible skin. Today, we thought we’d change the mood and ask SSF to break down her secrets to all things hair, makeup, and skin health. Take notes, dear friends!

Tell us a bit about your morning routine:  “Morning is not and will never be my thing. It’s a struggle and there is no real routine.”

Tell us a bit about your (AM) skincare routine:  “Exfoliate with Joanna Vargas, dry brush, face oil, and sunscreen.”

Sarah Sophie Flicker's cult favorites.
Sarah Sophie Flicker's cult favorites.

Sarah's Skincare

Tell us a bit about your makeup routine:  “I’ve gotten pretty fast. My good friend Romy Soleimani is a brilliant makeup artist and has given me lots of tips. Concealer, sheer foundation, cheek tint, bright lips, watercolor eyeshadow, and groomed brows is my go-to look.”

Sarah's Makeup

Tell us a bit about your haircare:  “I wash my hair twice a week. I like washing it at night and letting dry, while I’m asleep. I set it with a curler in the morning, which often lasts a few days.”

Tell us a bit about your (PM) skincare routine:  “I LOVE a long skincare regimen at night. I will listen to podcast or let Instagram stories go on a loop and give my face a lot of love. I like to wash, use some sort of face massager or electrical current thingy, tone, use a retinol, serum, oil, and thick moisturizer, plus eye cream.”

Biggest beauty secret / advice?  “Moisturize more than you think you should. Drink water. Wear sunscreen and hats. Don’t worry about the small stuff. Be present. Tell the people you love that you love them often. Stay out of judgment. Stay out of the defensive. Stay grounded in love. Be yourself. Speak your truth. Listen actively. Use vulnerability as your strength. Pass the mic. Show up for communities outside your own. And, employ kindness at every turn.”

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