20/30/40: How Do You Spend A Day Off Duty?

Since the inception of Bleu, and then again when it was set loose into the world this past April, our team has profoundly embraced the idea that being off duty, along with the ways in which you choose to spend these moments, is equally paramount to the time spent clocking into your nine to five (or eight to four, or heaven forbid, eight to eight — whatever that work day looks like for you). We’d argue that it’s even more essential. But, the truth is that team Bleu has always subscribed to the sometimes controversial dogma of a more than healthy work/life balance — the hustle is good, but you still need to live a full life! It wasn’t until we created a space that unapologetically celebrated this very concept, however, that we felt it aptly represented in media. Hell, we even created an entire interview series around it; the one you’ve come to know and love as Off Duty.

All of this, coupled with our untamed curiosity is precisely why diving into this very theme is one of the first questions we ask our inspirational Bleu ladies in their interviews. Because when you begin to wipe away the unnecessary smoke and mirrors, we’re all so much more than our job titles or where on the spectrum of “busy” we land. So, whether considering yourself off duty looks a lot like carefree swing dance lessons with your partner, cooking your favorite meal from scratch, or perhaps more like a work day than you’d care to admit, what you do with your time is what makes it yours. If you’re looking for some much-needed inspiration on how to spend your down time, here are 30+ refreshing responses from our interview series. Let us know how you spend your days with no agenda in the comments below. And, because we’re so committed to our doctrine of taking time for yourself, be sure to enter our current giveaway in partnership with Cuup, Palermo Body, Usual Wines, and The Halcyon Hotel for everything you need to make the most of a night off duty.

Linda Rodin, 70-something:  “I will go to a museum or have a nice leisurely lunch with a friend. Relax at home with Winks. I try and organize myself for the next busy day ahead.”

Nneka Ibeabuchi, 20-something:  “I like to get work done early in the morning on my laptop before relaxing on my free days, then I get comfy and catch up on my favorite TV shows. Snacks are definitely a must. I get lazy and just eat and watch.”

Martine Ho, 30-something:  “Watching movies and pretending to be a film critic afterwards.”

Jen Gotch, 40-something:  “I like to do something nice for myself, like a massage or a session with my reiki healer. Something outside like a hike, so I can get sun in my eyes and then hang with my brother or some close friends. Oh, and NAP.”

Brianna Lance, 30-something:  “I normally don’t let myself have a day off. I like to always live in a place where I’m producing, but I do take one day a week to hang out with friends.”

Liza Anne, 20-something:  “Rest, but more realistically, catch up on things. Make lists of all the dreams I can’t wait to live. I don’t really know how to slow down.”

Roxanne Assoulin, 60-something:  “[My dream day off is] a snow day. I would be in bed watching the snow fall. That’s my idea of heaven — quiet.”

Alyssa Coscarelli, 20-something:  “My days off are all about recharging. I like to sleep in a bit, go to one of my favorite workout classes, grab a brunch with a good friend, maybe sit outside somewhere if it’s nice out, or hit some local vintage shops or boutiques. Clean the apartment, do a face mask, maybe an afternoon nap, then some takeout and a movie in bed.”

Ruby Stewart, 30-something:  “I’m rarely home, so when I do get a day off at home I usually clean my house, tend to my house plants, and read and write. I love nature, so I like to take my dogs hiking or do Bikram yoga.”

Bec Adams, 30-something:  “Reading a book at a favorite coffee shop in the sun, followed by a trip to a farmers market to buy fresh vegetables and flowers, and going on a long hike with friends.”

Aisha Hatter, 20-something:  “If I’m being quite honest, I’d probably chill at home and binge watch a show or go to a matinee at the movies. Having a dog has made me much more of a homebody, but I kind of like it actually.”

Lauren Bucquet, 30-something:  “I’ll go to the farmers market and the park with Norman, my two-year-old. Then, we’ll grill with friends in the backyard in the evening.”

Lauren Kirby, 20-something:  “I let myself sleep in a little, and then I get up and make some coffee and take my dog Mig for a walk. We have a park with a beautiful waterfall and stream that runs through it near our house and he loves it there. It’s really peaceful and it’s the best way to start the morning. Since we own a business, most days require at least some work. So, we’ll usually cook breakfast and spend a little time on email. But, my ideal day off involves both productivity and relaxation. Otherwise, I’ll burn out during the week. I love to read, so that’s usually on the top of my list and it’s a time just for myself. I also love to thrift or go antique shopping with Carson. We both love food, so we’ll usually go out to dinner on our day off and grab a drink somewhere either together or with some buds.”

Jewlie Williams, 30-something:  “Sleep in, have coffee in bed, do a face mask, read a book in the sun, hit up my favorite vintage spots, lunch at Curcuma (my favorite Ayurvedic food truck), go to a fun workout class, take a long shower, call my mom, light some candles, and watch a movie under my weighted blanket.”

Katie Schecter, 30-something:  “I usually spend the day playing guitar and/or listening to records. If he’s home and not on tour, I like hanging out with Nick Bockrath. I enjoy working out and making out — doobies are key.”

Gillean McLeod, 60-something:  “On a totally free day, I make plans with a friend to catch up or go see something of interest, or I’ll be in my garden.”

Virginia Calderón, 20-something: “I would wake up early, read, and make coffee, walk around my neighborhood, pick up a sandwich at Wax Paper to picnic at Echo Park Lake.”

Reese Blutstein, 20-something:  “I enjoy taking long walks outside on a nice sunny day. I love going vintage shopping or eating lunch and getting drinks with my friends. I also like to watch YouTube, but that is a time-stealer, so I try to avoid that during the day. I also love hanging out with my dogs. Just hanging out doing whatever it is I feel like doing in the moment. No rules!”

Chelsea Hunter Harrison, 30-something:  “What’s a day off? Kidding, but I am in school four days a week and work one to two days a week right now. So, my rare unscheduled days are usually spent playing catch-up around the house —laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping. But, we usually make time to go out for a coffee and croissant as a family or go to a park or farmer’s market. And, during the summer we spend a lot of time in the pool.”

Brooke Baxter, 30-something:  “I really have zero guilt spending a day in bed. I look at it as recharging my battery. There’s a lot of pressure to go, go, go all the time and be so ‘busy’ that we have no time for ourselves or anyone else. I don’t believe that life has to be that way. I’d rather have less and sustain sanity and relationships than not have time for myself. I also don’t have children yet, so I can retreat to my bed when I need me-time. I’m also a huge fan of the 3pm catnap when things are a little hectic. I will shut it down, silence the phone, and take 30-minutes.”

Morgan Lily McGlothan, 20-something:  “If I’m feeling in top shape, I’d start by cooking myself a big, elaborate brunch. Then, I’d go on a bike ride and get myself some lunch. Probably go to Goodwill, a farmer’s market if one is open or a grocery store — my favorite places to shop. I’d come home, cook again, call a few friends while cooking, then watch TV or a movie. I’m really social though, so if I had the choice to not be alone, I’d probably meet up with someone midday or have a friend come over for dinner.”

Sarah Sophie Flicker, 40-something: “It’s hard to imagine a day off! With kids, I’m not sure that totally exists. That said, I can think of no finer day off than one spent with my family. We are also very into dinner parties and gatherings at our place. I try to exercise most days. I am an aerialist and try to work with my friend and trainer, Amanda Topaz, a few times a week. I also really love Obé streaming videos. It’s affordable and each video is around 30 minutes long, thus doable!”

Jillian Meehan, 20-something:  “Sounds fake, but okay! I’d like to say that I spend my free time reading in the park and eating strawberries or something, but if we’re being realistic, I’d probably be binge-watching The Bachelorette and doing my laundry.”

Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs, 30-something:  “I typically spend my days off with my son and my husband. They bring me the most joy and peace.”

Gloria Noto, 30-something:  “I try to go outside in the sun with my pup, cook, and have a drink with friends. It is also for me to have time with myself — be it reading, painting, etc.”

Lyndsey Butler, 30-something:  “If my husband is in town (he lives in Los Angeles part time), then we will hang out and probably eat good food, kiss, and maybe see some art or a movie.”

Veronica Ortuño, 30-something:  “Swim, garden, clean the house, read books, and watch movies and trash TV.”

TyLynn Nguyen, 30-something: “I typically spend a day off with my children. Reading, at the park, at the beach, as relaxed as I can be. I am a busy woman and I cherish my downtime with my family.”

Katie Caplener, 20-something:  “Outside and near the water. Austin allows for this almost year round.”

Kyly Zak Rabin, 30-something:  “Off days are rare, as I recently opened a business with a brick-and-mortar in Los Angeles. We’re open seven days a week, and I’m eager to spend time with customers! I try to give myself at least one day off per week. Spending time at home and around my neighborhood with friends, my husband, and a delicious meal are at the top of my list. I try to take a long walk, pick up a bottle of new wine to try, and squeeze in a Thai massage (this one should be more frequent).”

Neada Deters, 20-something:  “Wake up early and have coffee with my husband, then head to yoga. Then we’ll all pile into the car and drive up to north Malibu to meet friends and spend the day on the beach, everyone lounging and surfing. The day usually ends with drinks and a big group dinner at one of our favorite spots on the way home. It’s the perfect California day.”

Kristen Giorgi, 30-something:  “Days off usually include going to grab a fun lunch with a friend or going to visit a shop I haven’t been to in a while, or just sitting on my sofa trolling the Internet for furniture or researching my next travel destination.”

Jina Kim, 30-something:  “I’m a new mom, so my days off are spent with my infant son, Miles. Living in New York City means endless places to explore. We’re blessed with so many museums, galleries, and parks, so we find opportunities to expose him to new things all the time.”

Written by: Tiana Gidley

Tiana Gidley is a 20-something Contributing Editor at The Bleu. She binge-watches reality TV on Bravo, throws a mean murder mystery party, and makes her bed every morning.

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  1. mack nielson

    October 3, 2019 at 6:18 pm

    You’re a really lovely writer, Tiana. And it’s neat to see how other people like to spend their days off. For me, days off duty at work means on duty at home (or in my city). I’m less than a year into my Nashville transplant life, so I’m still exploring. I love to go for a hike/walk at Radnor Lake. I’ll say “see ya” to my Mr. Coffee maker and indulge in an expensive libation courtesy ofBarista Parlor or sometimes I’ll noon time nosh with my beau. And if I can handle the trek across town, I’ll go ice skating or thrifting. I try to squeeze in all my favorite things before I’m washed back into the work week.


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